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Appeals and Complaints

For Appeals and Complaints on behalf of a UnitedHealthcare Dental member, please refer to the Member Appeals and Complaints section.

Complaints, Claim Disputes and Reprocessing Requests may be initiated verbally or in writing using the phone number and addresses below. Members are not financially responsible or impacted by the outcome of such a dispute. Claim denials must be appealed within 120 days from the date the denial was issued.

Provider Services: 1-800-527-1764

Complaints and Claim Disputes:
UnitedHealthcare Dental- Texas
PO Box 1427
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Email: TXACMail@uhc.com
Fax: 1-866-695-9638

To submit Corrected Claims for reprocessing:
UnitedHealthcare Dental- Texas
PO Box 481
Milwaukee, WI 53201

When a claim is reprocessed as a result of a Reprocessing or Adjustment Request or Claim Dispute, providers will receive a new remittance advice within 30 calendar days from when UnitedHealthcare Dental received the request. If the request does not result in the reprocessing of a claim, providers will receive written notification of the outcome within 30 calendar days from when UnitedHealthcare Dental received the request.

If you are not still unhappy after you have completed UnitedHealthcare Dental’s complaint process, Medicaid providers may submit a complaint directly to HHSC using the email and address below:

Email: HPM_Complaints@HHSC.state.tx.us

Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Ombudsman Managed Care Assistance Team
P.O. Box 13247
Austin, Texas 78711-3247

CHIP providers may submit complaints to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).

Written complaints may be mailed to:

Texas Department of Insurance
Consumer Protection (111-1A)
P.O. Box 149091
Austin, TX 78714 -9091
Fax: 512-490-1007

Online at www.tdi.texas.gov

Email: ConsumerProtection@tdi.texas.gov

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